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Please send thoughts and prayers of comfort for Larissa Ione and her family. She lost her father today.


TBR books

I feel guilty that I cannot keep up with my TBR books and I am not reading things from authors I want to give a try. It makes me feel bad that I don’t leave reviews of the books I read either. I am going to try to do reviews on books I have read starting now. My question to authors is where is the best place for me to put a review of your books?


When your books are released, do you writers get nervous about what your fans think of the book and worry about fan opinions? Critic reviews?


Do you think libraries hinder an author’s income or help?

Author's Opinion.

To all authors I have a question. Would it bother you if any of your readers pictured your characters appearance (eye color, hair color, skin tone, etc) different from the description you wrote  the character to look like?Image


New to blogging. Any starter tips for this newbie?