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Ruesday!! It is Rue Volley’s Birthday!!

Ruesday!! It is Rue Volley's Birthday!!

Today is #ruesday. It is Author Rue Volley’s birthday today and we would like her to hit #1 as a present. It’s only 99 cents. Help her make this her best birthday ever!!

As the blood moon hangs high in the sky the true fight for humanity begins.
Book three only 99 cents:
Book two only 99 cents:
Book one only 99 cents:

Hellhound: Prince of fire

Hellhound: Prince of fire

You have to go buy the Hellhound books by Rue Volley. They are all 99 cents on amazon and all three are out. No reason to say you are waiting till they are all out. This is the last one

Other Great Authors I’m Reading. Check them out too.

I have some more authors that you should check out. Jan Graham, Tamsin Baker, Dona Gallagher, Jacquelyn Frank, and Sherrilyn Kenyon.

Authors I am Currently Reading

Here are some authors I have been recently reading that rock!!

Rue Volley      Willsin Rowe        Bethany Shaw                 Pyxi Rose       Kate Salidas          Milly Taiden               Nina Mason.       Kryssie Fortune    Stella Price             Becca Lee        Khloe Wren          Roseanna Leo           Sara Humphreys       Terry Spears          Imogene Nix        Cynthia Eden    Jennifer James       David Michael

Stuck. Up. Authors.

If you are an author with a stick up your ass and think you are better than your readers, FUCK YOU!! The readers are the ones that bought your books so you can buy that stick up your ass. That is all.