Sophia Galen’s first book cover revealed!!

HDM Final Cover 2 Cover revealHDM Full Cover shrunk

Clara Mitchell never knew werewolves even existed until the attack by one in the parking lot of her sweet shop. With the help of her best friend Thatcher, she survived the bite. Then his half brother Jason shows up at her door one week before her first full moon as a werewolf. Thatcher reveals secrets about his past that change things between them. Jason admits he is the person who bit her accidentally when trying to take her away from his half brother to his land and explains to her that he is her destined mate. Her relationship with Thatcher becomes an emotional roller coaster when she discovers how much he means to her. Jason’s touch stirs something in her that causes her affections torn between the two brothers. Clara has to choose between her destiny to become the mate Jason needs her to be, or follow what her heart tells her and be with Thatcher.

Thatcher Ryan has always been there for his best friend Clara and he is determined to be there for her now that she is a werewolf. When he gets a phone call from her telling him that there is a man claiming to be his brother, he knew then that he had to bring up his painful past before Jason, a pack alpha, claimed her for himself. The threat of another pack wanting to take her makes him question if he should let her go to Jason who can protect her. The appearance of his half brother and the threat of another werewolf pack bring out something in him that he had always suspected but never let himself feel. How deeply he feels for Clara and how much he wants her. He just needed convince her not to accept his brother’s claim that he is her destined mate.


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I love to read paranormal romance books of course. I love when people suggest a book. I mainly read series books due to the fact that I love reading the other character's stories.

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